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How To Sell Anything to Anybody Anytime

The best salespeople? They sell excitement.
How To Sell Anything to Anybody Anytime

"If you tell me this product is cool one more time, I'm going to leave," a client told me once.

I had been in sales for a few months at that point, with a simple task of getting rid of old products.

But imagine trying to sell a Lada in a Ferrari parking lot.

I didn't have the knowledge, skill, or willingness to sell a piece of crap, frankly.

I think I used the word "cool" as an argument at least three times before the guy lost his patience with me and the sale was gone.

They say good salespeople can sell anything, and there's some truth to it. Back then, I wasn't any good.

But the best salespeople?

They sell excitement, not just a product.

I know and practice it now, and here's how:

Look for even the smallest alignment

The tiniest thing opens the door.

The one claim you made, one case study you had, one problem you understood.

If you're a designer, perhaps they liked one of your mockups that they would like replicated?

If you're building a SaaS, perhaps you nailed the problem you're solving.

If you're selling a printer, like I was, maybe you agree that all printers are a work of the devil himself.

The question that helps me find that thing most often is this:

What made you talk with me today?

Connect over it

Your shared excitement over that little fact should lead to a conversation that will unearth a variety of problems, objections, and hopes.

To get the most out of this connection, try to figure out what is important to them and also a great conversation starter is:

Why is this thing important?

Explain how this one thing leads to your offer

Use that thing as a starting point, and build upon the knowledge you gain.T

he fears and hopes of your prospect should be right in front of you now, and all you have to do is grab them and use them.

Use sentences like:

This is exactly why we created X.

I felt the same, therefore I decided to build Y.

I've heard it a hundred times, so we decided to solve it.

Excitement about your offer leads to confidence.

Confidence builds trust.

Trust gets sales.

Don't bother with sales scripts and presentations.

igure out the one thing that you share excitement over.